Your HVAC system is one of the most valuable appliances in your home. Despite its cost, many homeowners in Texas hardly service their air conditioning systems until they break down. The last thing you want is your unit breaking down, leaving you at the mercy of the summer heat. While most HVAC systems are designed to last more than ten years, not all of them hit the targeted lifespan. Keeping your HVAC system running smoothly means conducting timely maintenance and repair. Professionals at Next Gen Air also recommend knowing the signs and what they indicate. In this post, we will discuss the signs that it’s time to get a new HVAC system.

When Should You Upgrade Your HVAC?

There will always be red flags that indicate your HVAC system needs to be upgraded. However, before making any investment decision, we recommend getting one of our HVAC experts to assess and review your unit and determine whether it can be repaired and serve several more years or whether it’s time to get a new one. Here are the signs that you need a new system:

Your Utility Bill is Skyrocketing

If the HVAC system is old or faulty, it may not run as smoothly as before. For this reason, it is likely to run longer to cool the same space. If the filters are blocked, your system will need to work twice as hard to cool your home, increasing your utility bills.

There are Weird Noises

Older HVAC systems tend to be louder than new ones. Some noises can warn you that your unit is nearing its end. You can speak to our technicians to check the cause of the noise and determine whether there is a loose part or permanent irreparable damage.

Your System Keeps Requiring Costly Repairs

Repairs and replacements are normal for any HVAC system as most parts are prone to wear and tear. However, not every part of the HVAC system requires repair or replacement. Some critical components like the motor and compressor can be expensive to replace. When you sum up the purchase and labor costs, you may realize that getting a new unit may be wiser.

Your System is Older Than Ten Years

A well-maintained HVAC system lasts longer than a decade. After ten years, your system may start experiencing problems that could lead to repairs and replacements. Older units are also likely to lose their efficiency with time and may cost more to run.

How Much Does it Cost to Upgrade HVAC?

The amount you can spend on upgrading your unit in Texas depends on the type of system you want and the amount and cost of labor in your area. HVAC installation can cost you between $3,250 and $12,580. If you need to replace the ductwork, you will need an additional $1,875 for a 2,200 square foot. home.

Let Us Help You Upgrade Your HVAC System Today

At Next Gen Air, you can trust our experienced technicians to handle any HVAC issue you could have. Whether you’re installing a new unit or looking to upgrade in Denton County, Dallas-Fort Worth County, Tarrant County, and the surrounding communities, we can help provide high-quality services to keep your unit in excellent condition. Call us now to get a free quote and book your appointment.

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