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24Hour Emergency Service

Solar Panels and Energy Equipment Providers in Weatherford and the DFW Area

The skilled solar experts at Next Gen Solar provide great commercial and residential solar service at great prices in the North Texas area and beyond. We tackle every phase of projects large and small—engineering, permitting, design, installation, and maintenance—so you reap all the benefits of solar power without the headaches!

Is Solar Energy Worthwhile in Texas?

Absolutely! If you’re with a traditional electric company, you know the only thing less stable than the state’s power grid is the amount you’ll pay for electricity. Even if you’ve never given a second thought to the environmental benefits of solar, its predictable cost and quick ROI make it attractive. And with ample inbound sunlight year-round, you’ve got a nearly endless supply of reliable energy.

How else do you benefit from solar power for your home or business?

  • Solar provides backup power when the grid is unreliable, or when weather knocks out electricity
  • Solar is also great if you’re interested in self-sufficiency
  • Solar doesn’t burn anything to produce electricity; it’s as clean as it is effective
  • With battery backup, you can still take advantage of your solar panels even when it’s dark out
  • Solar power can work out less expensive than power from a utility company
  • If you have surplus power, you may be able to sell it back to your utility
  • Your installation may qualify for several incentives and tax credits—we’ll provide you with the facts

Whether you’re powering up a new DFW home, retrofitting your retail store, or seeking to power an entire commercial establishment with solar panels, we have a solution.

Our residential solar systems can cover anything from backup power for lighting and key appliances, to systems capable of keeping your whole home powered up year-round. We take care of system sizing that ensures proper power production and efficiency, while also making sure you’re properly tied into the local electrical infrastructure.

Commercial solar power comes with unique challenges that go beyond the mere size of the system. Our calculations account for economic viability and ROI as much as efficiency, ensuring your system is as cost-effective as it is reliable.

Solar system design is complex. Beyond the correct kWh output and number of solar panels, it entails line diagrams, permitting plan sets, structural load calculations, electrical engineering, and much more. We ensure that it’s perfect down to the last detail.

Rooftop solar panels can require specialized structural work to ensure your roof bears up under the added load. Even ground-installed panels in office parks and other commercial applications require specialized grading and site prep. We’ll make sure you’re ready for a successful installation!

Solar power is popular enough that several major companies have staked a claim. That’s good news because there are more and better, choices now than ever before.

Our work doesn’t end when your solar panels are up and running. We provide remote system monitoring to detect and address concerns in system operation, as well as full warranty repair support. Our goal is to keep your system running as intended now and into the future.

What to Expect From Next Gen Air

We’re well aware that there are many solar installers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. So why is Next Gen Air the first call many home and business owners make?

Good equipment matters, but any complex system is only as strong as its weakest link. We ensure that design and labor are every bit as solid as the equipment we install, leveraging many years’ worth of experience as a solar installer. We’ve worked hard to keep up with current best practices, and we back our work.

solar Providers in Weatherford and the DFW Area

Average Solar Equipment Cost in TX

The diversity of equipment, needs, and the extensive preparation that precedes an installation (structural and site work, electrical work, and installation) makes a standard price sheet difficult. As such, your cost will be unique to you, backed by a written quote after a free estimate. So if you’re curious, click or call Next Gen Air today for your free estimate!

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