Fall provides the perfect temperature balance to enjoy outdoor activities for the last time before winter kicks in. However, many people do not get the opportunity to enjoy the weather as they are busy preparing for the long cold season. You want to take advantage of every opportunity to prepare your home and family before the first frost sets in.

From making appointments with your Next Gen Air HVAC professional to fixing cracks and repairing roofs, there’s so much you can do to help your home withstand the harsh cold weather. In this post, we will list some of the major fall home maintenance items to help you prepare thoroughly.

Clean Out Rain Gutters

Fall means you have a lot of leaves to rake around your home. If you don’t remove them, these leaves will build up and clog your gutters. That means they may not drain water properly during the rainy season. As a result, you may end up with damaged walls, leaky roofs, or a damaged floor. Thoroughly clean the gutters and unblock the downspouts. Frequently check for blockage and remove the leaves as necessary. This is also a good opportunity to trim your tree branches to prevent leaves from building up.

Change Air Filters

Determine if you need to replace your filters or clean them to keep them in excellent condition. When they clog, your home may not heat up as it’s supposed to, which can easily increase your energy bills. You should clean your filters every month during winter.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Your lawn may not look very nice during fall, and neither will it during winter or spring unless you prep it adequately. The roots are still active even if the grass isn’t growing, so applying some fertilizer will help prevent winter damage and give your lawn that nice green color when the sun finally shows up.

Dust High Ceilings and Fans

Remember, you can still use your fans to circulate the warm air. You simply need to turn them to rotate in a clockwise direction. They have been blowing the hot, dusty summer air for months and may probably appear dusty. After thoroughly vacuuming everything in your home, you can high-dust the ceiling and clean the fans thoroughly to prepare them for winter.

Clean Carpet

Your carpet helps keep your home warm during the cold season. If you use removable carpets, it’s time to place them back on the floor in preparation for the cold. If you have a permanently installed carpet, consider having it cleaned thoroughly to remove dust and debris.

Make Sure Your Ductwork is Clean

Like the air filters, your ductwork needs to be clog-free for optimal home heating. Your heating system depends on the air ducts to deliver even heating throughout your home. If the ducts are blocked, the system will overwork or leave some rooms cold, which affects your comfort in cold weather. Determine if you need professional duct cleaning and call our representatives at Next Gen Air to do it for you.

Contact HVAC Experts and Make Sure Everything is Up-To-Date!

Lastly, your entire HVAC system needs frequent tune-ups to ensure it is working in optimal condition. Your unit has been working around the clock to keep you cool during summer. You will need it to be in good condition to keep your home warm when the cold season starts.

If you live in Texas, you can book an appointment with experts at Next Gen Air. Our headquarters are in Weatherford, but we serve a large area, including Rhome, DFW Metroplex, Avondale, and Pecan Acres. We serve both commercial and residential customers. Contact us to get a free estimate.

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