When you own a home, it’s important to have regular HVAC – furnace maintenance and tune-ups performed. You want to be sure to keep your HVAC system safe, clean, and working properly. Most people in the HVAC industry would agree that it’s important to have yearly inspections and maintenance done on your heating and cooling system, performed by a trusted professional.

Failure to have your heating and cooling systems inspected and maintained can lead to costly furnace repair being needed later. Furnace maintenance is important to provide a long life for your HVAC system. Having regular tune-ups performed on your heating and cooling systems will keep them running their best for you and your family.

Furnace Maintenance Consistency is Key

Air conditioning is a vital part of your HVAC in Texas. Nobody wants to lose the ability to cool their home during hot summer weather. Regular inspection and maintenance of your cooling system will ensure that it stays running cool and will not break down during the heat of the year.

The heating components of your HVAC system should be tested yearly. Preferably during a time that isn’t too hot or too cold, so it can be tested along with the cooling components as well. Your HVAC professional should check your thermostat calibration and check your wiring to make sure there are no cracks in the wiring casings or bare wire exposed. 

The cooling part of your HVAC system should also be checked for efficiency when running. The condensing coils should be inspected. Your filters should also be inspected to be sure they are clean and operational, as well as for dust and dirt build-up in key areas. Efficiency can be diminished by as much as five to ten percent due to dirty components and filters within a cooling system. Your service tech should also be looking for any damaged or cracked wiring like they would in the heating portion of your inspection. 

You also may want to consider duct cleaning as part of your HVAC routine maintenance. Regular cleaning of dust and buildup will ensure that the air quality you’re breathing within your home is safe and comfortable. A clean, well-maintained duct system will help extend the overall life of your heating and cooling system

Count on Next Gen Air for Furnace Repair in Texas

It’s important to choose a reputable heating and cooling company that has a good track record of positive customer experiences. Be sure to get feedback from past clients if possible, and check ratings online for these businesses. They should be licensed and bonded and have no issue with providing documentation of these things if asked by the client. 

You want to trust a company and its heating and cooling technicians fully. Your home is your most important investment and a place that you need to feel comfortable in. This starts with having a comfortable temperature and environment for you and your loved ones to live in.

If it has been over a year or longer since you last had your heating and cooling systems checked, please investigate a reputable HVAC company today. Don’t put off the needed routine maintenance and inspections you need to ensure your heating and cooling systems are safe and functioning properly. 

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